David and May have been very happily married since January 1975.  In other words a veeery long time!

When our children were small we took them camping several times a year as that was all we could afford but now they’re married and we’re no longer buying the latest toys and clothes and paying school fees etc, we have been able to afford some Hotel Holidays.

For the first time in our lives we flew in a ‘plane in August 1999.  David was 44 and I had just turned 43.  It was a little frightening and yet wonderfully exciting and we are still totally in awe of the power of an aircraft taking off.  Absolutely the very best part of any flight!!!

So here are some of my holiday stories that I seem to have become famous for.  Every time we tell friends and family we’re off on holiday they get all excited about receiving the next story LOL

I hope you enjoy them too and please feel free to post comments.

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  1. Stefan says:


    Once again I was browsing through your interesting blog. One question, please: If your first flight was in 99, did you really travel by ship from England to Australia, May? If so, how long did it take you?

    Greetings from Germany to Down Under,


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